Interviews with Eric Fuller

Samples of customer feedback over the years...
"Eric Fuller is a prominent and popular mechanical puzzle and puzzle box designer, who produces highly prized and collectable puzzles" -The Metagrobologist Magazine
"Your beautifully crafted Burr Circus arrived today. I am very impressed by the accuracy of your work, which is something I strove for but never quite achieved." - Stewart C.
"After my second time ordering from you I just have to tell you how happy I was and still am with your puzzles. They simply look gorgeous, are lots of fun to solve and the craftsmanship is just superb! I am looking forward to many updates to come." - Jens S.
"I believe your Topless puzzle box is as close to puzzle box perfection as is possible. The design is flawlessly crafted, and opens in a very creative and unexpected way. The solution had me stumped for just the right amount of solving time and I marvelled over its simple but brilliant design." - Peter W.
"I purchased a puzzle last year as a present. It was so beautiful and clever that I want one for myself!" - Lauren D.
"I trust the quality of your puzzles more than anyone else" - Daniel S.
"My compliments on the B-Box/Reactor duo. these are phenomenal, and solidly built" - Cameron M.
"A mastercraft example of puzzle making! Superb!" -Nigel C.
"Very happy to buy your work. You are a great asset to the puzzle community" - Kenneth S.
"Thank you for the recent shipment. Beautiful!!" - Mike S.
"They're even more beautiful in the hand than on the website!" - Kevin S.
"Puzzles arrived safely and are very, very nice!" - Paul D.
"Thanks a lot for prividing a lot of fun! Definitely well worth the money!" - Marc G.
"I just want to thank you for the beautiful puzzles I have received...looking forward to your next update." -Alexander M.
"You manufacture some amazing puzzles with a keen eye for the detail both visually and in functionality." - Kenneth Z.
"My level in English is not allow me to say how I happy to have this puzzles. Thank you very much!" - Aleksandr L.
"I was surprised, indeed. What a quality of work!" - Markku V.
"Your precise workmanship made this puzzle so enjoyable for me!" - Jens S.
"It is not just a puzzle but a display conversation piece." - Dor T.
"The craftsmanhip on that is nothing short of splendid." - Lionel D.
"It is an awesome puzzle I really enjoyed it. Amazingly fun and ingenious." - Scott G.
"Enjoy" your puzzles is an understatement! They are by far the most beautiful I have in my small (but growing) collection." - William H.
"Also about this point, your manufactured product is perfect." - Mineyuki U.

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