Woodworking artist Robert Yarger first began crafting his unique style of solid wood boxes as a hobby in 1989. Using only scrap wood and an old radial arm saw, Mr. Yarger fashioned several boxes each year as presents for friends and relatives. Most boxes from this era were low in quality, simple in design and bland in appearance, but through it Robert developed his love for producing unique and interesting box styles.

The Stickman Box Company was founded in 2001 when Robert produced a small line of puzzle boxes as Christmas gifts. Although somewhat simple in design, the No. 1 puzzle box quickly became an overwhelming success, and unsolicited orders for additional boxes soon began pouring in. Encouraged by his wife Jeannie and their son Camaro, Mr. Yarger resigned from 8 years as a restaurant manager, sold his window washing company, and began working on making unique boxes full time. His first boxes were sold under his pen name "Roby Charles", through which he had also published several science fiction novels.

Today, Robert Yarger continues to hand craft unique boxes from the small garage woodshop in his Oklahoma home. Although the old radial arm saw has long been replaced with more modern equipment, Robert still uses his same basic "forced into a corner" technique that has become a lasting trademark for all of his box items. Armed with a concept that seems impossible to achieve, Mr. Yarger begins cutting the initial components to his boxes without any idea of how he will eventually make them work. Although somewhat erratic in its method, Stickman boxes tend to design themselves as each impossible concept is manipulated into reality through necessity. The end results are extremely unique boxes that even the artist did not fully envision.

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