Tamino Interlocking Puzzle

Designer Gregory Benedetti
Material Purpleheart, Acrylic
Size 2.625" x 1.75" x .875" (6.66 x 4.44 x 2.22 cm)
COMMENTS Reminiscent of Padaung Rings, this nifty little pocket puzzle is a lot of fun to solve. With a level 19.3 it's tricky but not impossible...once you get the correct alignment and piece selection, it flows along fairly quickly. Coming in at a diminuative 2.625" on the long axis, Zauberflote will nonetheless grab your attention on the puzzle shelf thanks to the acrylic catching the light. A fun puzzle, one I'm glad I made.

This puzzle is shipped assembled and flamboyantly packaged in a polka-dot bag.

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Price: $15.00

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