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Signature is our highest quality work, precision crafted in small batches to exacting standards for the discriminating collector. Each piece is signed and dated. These are among the finest puzzles in the world and can sell out very quickly. To view a complete archive of sold out works,
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Repair The Cube Interlocking Puzzle Repair The Cube
Price: $67.00
Schism Interlocking Puzzle Schism
Price: $46.00
Quattro Cube Packing Puzzle Quattro Cube
Price: $49.00
Nebula Puzzle Nebula
Price: $54.00
Siamese Burr Puzzle Siamese Burr
Price: $48.00
Lamella Fifteen Puzzle Lamella Fifteen
Price: $74.00
Boxes and Frames Puzzle Boxes and Frames
Price: $36.00
Tronc Commun Interlocking Puzzle Tronc Commun 1-3
Price: $129.00
Steps Puzzle Steps
Price: $45.00
NOS 4 - Go Back Interlocking Puzzle NOS 4 - Go Back
Price: $78.00