Quads & Rings 1
Quads And Rings 1 Interlocking Puzzle

Designer Yavuz Demirhan
Material Canarywood, Paduak, Acrylic
Size 1.375" x 1.00" (3.49 x 2.54 cm)
COMMENTS Believe it or not, this is the simpler iteration of the Quads and Rings series. Four wooden burr pieces interlock with two acrylic pieces with a level 13.5 solution. Doable dispite the high level because a lot of the moves just follow. Achieving the checkerboard pattern is a secondary challenge.

Construction is excellent, with close tolerances but plenty of room to maneuver.

This puzzle is shipped assembled and cheerily packaged in a polka-dot bag.

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Price: $15.00

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