Half Hour Puzzle
Half Hour Puzzle

DESIGNER: Stewart Coffin
SIZE: 2.625" (6.67cm)

Stewart Coffin designed the Half Hour puzzle in 1975. So named because he thought it would take most people about that long to solve it. He said: "The six-piece version of the 3x3x3 cube will be considered first. For aesthetic reasons, one might prefer that all the pieces be the same size, but this is impossible, so the nearest approximation is to use three four-block pieces and three five-block pieces. It is also desirable that all pieces be non-symmetrical but this is likewise impossible so two of the four-block pieces will have an axis of symmetry. All pieces will of course be dissimilar. Of the several thousand such combinations possible the author tried several that proved to have either multiple solutions or no solution, until finally finding one with a unique solution." Good luck!

While most of our work is limited edition, we always keep the Artisan Series in stock. New customers can give us a shot and see the difference between our work and the low quality import puzzles that are everywhere else. Artisan puzzles are hand crafted in the US using the same precision techniques as our signature puzzles, but in higher volume and without any detail sanding or lacquer finish.

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Price: $27.00

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