Burr No. 306
Burr #306 Interlocking Puzzle

DESIGNER: Bill Cutler
MATERIAL: Maple, Walnut, Sapele
SIZE: 2.626" (6.67 cm)

Burr #306 is a classic. The puzzle is solid when solved with no internal voids, and comes apart into two sets of three pieces. This is not to be mistaken with easier versions that appear the same...the 306 design is arguably the most difficult of the internally solid (meaning no room for multiple piece moves) six piece burrs. Very difficult, and a great gift for that relative who thinks they're smart!

While most of our work is limited edition, we always keep the Artisan Series in stock. New customers can give us a shot and see the difference between our work and the low quality import puzzles that are everywhere else. Artisan puzzles are hand crafted in the US using the same precision techniques as our signature puzzles, but in higher volume and without any detail sanding or lacquer finish.

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Price: $24.00

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